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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

benjamin franklin

As I was growing up in the 70’s/80’s. I never understood the difference between the two. I thought wealthy people and rich people were the same.  They lived on the better side of town, drove the nice cars and had memberships to the country clubs.  

I, on the other hand, am from a middle class Ohio family of entrepreneurs, my grandparents had a very successful plumbing business, my father had a printing company and my aunt had a nursery(plants) business, so being an entrepreneur was definitely in my DNA.  I was taught that you have to work hard for your money BUT you can create anything you want in life.  

As a true Gen-X’r, I started working at the age of 12.  My “first” business was babysitting.  My friend and I were the go-to gals in the neighborhood and we did really well.  In high school, I moved on to retail which wasn’t my thing and then to Taco Bell. Don’t ask me about their meat back then, I still have flashbacks about that one!

I continued to work through college and started my financial career at a local firm in Columbus Ohio.  I got licensed and became an official stockbroker in 1986.  Have you seen Wolf of Wall Street? Yep, it was pretty close to that. I was one of two females in the office with oversized shoulder pads.  Why that was a trend, I have no clue?  I digress, On October 19th, 1987 the stock market crashed.  I will never forget the panic calls from clients and seeing people on the news jumping out of windows. 

Since then, we have experienced several market crashes and recoveries but nothing as devastating as what we went through in 2020.  We, like many others, lost family members and friends but I have never felt so blessed or wealthy in my life.

I now know the difference between the two. Being rich to me is a number with several 0’s behind it.  It gives you freedom but does that freedom equal more happiness, less anxiety, happier marriage?  Being wealthy has a new meaning to me and it isn’t about a number in my bank account.

It is truly appreciating the mundane of just a regular day, a beautiful cup of coffee, sunsets and sunrises, my amazing husband, friends, neighbors and no longer taking my health for granted. Learning to control what I can control, letting go of what I can’t and giving back where I can.  Saying thank you, please and I love you more and fully allowing that in return. Embracing these root things have enabled me to grow deeper  in my faith, my marriage and thrive in my true calling-True wealth indeed!

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Having Wealth or Being Rich… is there a difference?

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