Robin Hanover

My Story

I describe myself as a midwest gal with a California soul. As an analytical intuitive, I love to geek out on quantum physics, investment charts and creating butterfly gardens.

The Early Years

I was born and raised in Columbus Ohio from a family of entrepreneurs and started my own babysitting empire at 11. Of course I did...I was that kid that always asked “why” and if there was something that wasn’t fair or right, I sought out to change the status quo; Including why my brother got to do things “just because he was a boy”. I know now why, which I am beyond grateful to my Dad, but that made me even more determined to prove myself. So naturally in my true Taurus fashion, I decided to embark on the most male-dominated business at the time and still is...the world of finance.

 I worked my way through college at “The” Ohio State University and took a job as a stockbroker assistant in 1985. If you have ever seen the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, yep it was just like that. 

When I started my position, I was asked to sit in the back of the room. I was 80 pounds overweight at the time from my midwest food choices of anything in a box including my wine :). I had always thought it was because I was female; but I found out later it was the way that I looked.

My early financial journey was halted by the market crash of 1987 and by my own father’s illness with Type 1/Juvenile diabetes. His body finally gave out and six months later, so did mine.


After he passed, I helped my mom move from Ohio to Hilton Head, sell the family business and my childhood home. We sold everything we could. My mom became engulfed in fear and suffered debilitating grief. I couldn’t help her anymore as my own health took a dive. I was only 26 but I felt like I had just aged 30 years. 

I was worn out, completely and utterly worn out. I was so busy taking care of my mom, that I didn’t even have a chance to grieve. I remember my heart just physically hurting. The pain was so deep; it permeated my entire body. I couldn’t physically get out of bed. It was almost like someone had taken cement and encased my body with it. All I could do was look out the window and cry. After six months of non-stop tears, I knew I needed to get help.  

Journey to Wellness

I saw my doctor who put me on antidepressants. I got out of bed and began to function again, but added another 10 pounds to my already overweight frame. The tears stopped and turned into determination to change my life both physically and mentally.

For the first time in my life, I asked for help. I knew I needed to do something different, so I hired a personal trainer. To this day, I still can’t believe I got up at 6:00 a.m. in the cold Ohio mornings to workout with a trainer from hell. She was tough but I needed her. Slowly but surely, I had lost a total of 80 pounds by changing my diet and exercising. 

As a result of my transformation, I became a personal fitness trainer and wellness coach myself. I created a successful six figure practice. However, as my business grew, my marriage of 12 years imploded. 

California Calling

Rick and I had met in Ohio when I was getting ready to move to California. He was a well-known tennis pro in Columbus and was ready for a new venture. Once he arrived in Napa, he too had a waiting list. We decided to join business forces and created Valley Tennis & Training together. 

After my first marriage ended, I picked myself up, sold my wellness practice, my home, and moved cross-country to Napa Valley, California to be closer to my brother. I immediately fell in love with the Valley and discovered that I was the only wellness coach in the area. I opened my studio in the heart of wine country, in the town of St. Helena. Within six months of opening my wellness studio, I had a waiting list of clients - and a new love.  

The Financial Years

In 2008, the market crashed again and after two years, I had to close my wellness studio. My business financial advisor encouraged me to come back into the financial world. I had three different job offers and during one of them, my appearance was brought up again. “You should wear glasses, so people will find you more trustworthy.” What? What the #@%!?  

Despite the industry sexism, I worked as a financial advisor during the day and continued as a wellness coach on the side in the evenings and weekends. I won several awards during my first year as a financial advisor, including top new advisor, which they don’t hand out lightly. I felt on the top of the world, until once again my health started to deteriorate.  

I remember preparing a financial plan for a big client and then I crashed after the presentation. I had a high fever, sore throat and couldn’t think straight. The fatigue was relentless. I would book appointments for an hour or two in the afternoon, then come home and crash at night. No one could tell that I was sick from the outside; I looked completely fine. However, inside everything hurt and I felt like I was walking through mud.                       

I went to both an internist and a functional practitioner. I was shocked at my diagnosis - chronic recurring Epstein-Barr virus and RA-Rheumatoid arthritis.  Most people have had Epstein Barr in its initial phase called mononucleosis which normally remains dormant. However, for some, it keeps coming back when triggered by stress, illness or surgery. There is no cure and it can lead into multiple autoimmune conditions such as RA, Lupus and MS.
The painful whispers from my body became silent screams. I didn't listen, and my body shut down. Despite my wellness training, I couldn’t “fix” my condition with diet or exercise, because my mindset was causing the problem. My soul was begging for my brain to wake up and pay attention. Sadly, it took another five years before I did! 


I started listening to my higher self and my intuitive inner voice, instead of my brain. I silenced that childhood fear that tried to put me in a role that wasn’t meant for me. I started meditating, walking daily in nature, and learned to hone my spiritual gifts. I discovered Reiki which had a profound impact on me. I love the practice so much and have become a Reiki Practitioner myself. 

I realize now that all my life experience has led me to my life's calling; to help couples, individuals and entrepreneurs heal financially, physically and spiritually. 

In August 2014, Rick and I were thrown out of bed at 3:30am. A 6.2 earthquake devastated Napa and shook me to my core. While accessing the damage, it was in that pivotal moment that we knew it was time to leave California. I think my soul called in a favor to get my attention. I FINALLY listened to the wake up call from the universe.

We moved to the Naples, Florida area. Rick took a Tennis Director position at a prestigious club to be in his element. I continued providing financial advice remotely, but something in me was still stirring. I knew I needed deeper healing. 

My body LOVED the warm, humid, Florida air and bathing in sunlight everyday. The ocean waters filled my soul and I found new peace. I was here to finally heal.

•  RICP, Retirement Income Certified Professional
•  Series 7 & 66 License
•  Life/Health/Annuity License
•  Long Term Care Senior Specialist
•  Behavioral Finance Coach

•  ACE & NASM Certified Personal Trainer 
•  ACE & NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
•  CHEK Certified Holistic Life Coach

Health & Wellness

Spiritual Healer

•  Conscious Christian
•  Spiritual Intuitive
•  Reiki II Practitioner
•  Astrology by AB Resonance 

Robin Hanover's Expertise

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If you are ready to take the first step toward multidimensional healing, I'm excited to partner with you on your journey. Feel free to schedule a complimentary consult so we can explore your transformation together.