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benjamin franklin

Are you a chronic worrier?  Do you find yourself constantly preparing for the next doomsday event?  Is your stress affecting the amount of money in your bank account? Were you nodding along to any of these questions?  You’re not the only one.  As I write this, we’re waiting for the US government to decide whether […]

3 Tips to Stop Constant Worrying So You Can Manifest the Money You Want

Mindset, Stress/Wellness Ideas

May 10th is National Small Business Day — don’t you love all of these national holidays? I was working with a client and she asked me two questions:  If I had more confidence, would I be making more money? And, if I had more money, would I be more confident? A lightbulb went off in my […]

5 Ways to Build Your Confidence as an Entrepreneur AND Boost Your Money Savvy


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