Wish someone would give you a yellow brick road to wealth?

No wicked witch, sparkly red shoes, or heel clicking required.

I’ll show you the path to take and guide you on how to get there.

A financial consultant, intuitive business strategist, and wellness coach who supports impact-driven entrepreneurs & individuals who want to have confidence with their money so they can create more wealth, freedom and navigate life’s transitions with ease.

Hey, I'm Robin,

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Who I Work With

I work with individuals & solopreneurs who are wanting to up-level their life or their business & need their finances to keep up with their passions. 

What We’ll Achieve 

When we work together, clients get peace of mind around their finances so they can finally let go of their worry and sleep at night. They know without a doubt that they have a financial plan that fits their goals and align with their dreams

I’d love to see this transformation for you, too. 

What will be possible for you when your business and life are what you want them to be? What impact can you create when you don’t have to work, you choose to do meaningful work that brings you joy.


Welcome to the Foundations plan! A month-long plan to get you out of worry and start making progress on your goals. This is for the individual or business owner who either has a few financial things in place and wants an expert review
You  have no clue where to even begin and you want to learn how to build your financial future on your terms. 

Become your own money master in the shortest amount of time and create a financial foundation that works for you. 

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You also sense that there are some things nudging you that need some deeper work, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. 

The Flourish program goes beyond the foundational plan — it will take you to that transformational level in your business and your life. Get ready to Flourish.

You’re going through a major transition and you need some expert hand-holding. When you’ve mastered your wealth, you can handle anything life throws your way.

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Strategy Session

Need a quick fix? Or a solution to a financial worry keeping you up at night?

Know what’s happening in your bank and learn how to stop the hemorrhaging and keep more in your account.

Feel the heavy weight of financial worry come off of your back so you can finally get some sleep.

This 90-minute money strategy session will show you how!

As a result of this session, you will…

Have a strategy to get out of debt and even how to learn to use debt to your advantage.

See where you can make more money right now and walk away with a plan to make even more.

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Not sure what’s best for you or what you need?

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I was at a time in my career where, in less than 3 years, I had gone through 2 jobs and was now in a third one that seemed like a dead end.

I felt like a failure and was overwhelmed, unappreciated, anxious and stuck. Meanwhile, I was still operating my Interior Design business and was turning away clients, for lack of time and energy. I found Robin at just the right time, that serendipitous alignment that happens when your soul is longing for freedom. I started her Foundational Plan program and her insights helped me to see that I needed to walk my own path, using my gifts and talents to build a successful business for myself, instead of putting my energy into building other people’s wealth and success. When she suggested I really consider leaving my current job, I felt the resistance, the past failures looming as though they still mattered. The day before I was to give my letter of resignation, I was let go. Having Robin’s support and an action plan made this transition so easy. I am continuing our journey and have started The Flourish Program. I feel confident and secure knowing I have the support I need to succeed and elevate my business to the next level.

– Eva Sahlin, IDS Professional
   Eva Sahlin Interiors