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Let me briefly introduce you to the concept of chakras so you can get a good foundation for your energy centers. We can’t discuss chakras without first addressing quantum physics.

Before you say, ”I’m out!” Hang with me for a second. Just like I make complicated financial talk practical, I do the same for science.

Quantum physics was discovered in the 1900s by Niels Bohr and Max Planck. Considered two of the founding fathers of quantum theory, each received a Nobel Prize in physics for their work on quanta. Einstein is considered the third founder of quantum theory because he described light as quanta in his theory of the photoelectric effect, for which he won the 1921 Nobel Prize.

So whether you’re a newbie to learning about chakras or quantum physics, the fact is that everything, I mean EVERYTHING is energy! 

All living things have chakras — animals, plants, trees, and even the earth. 

Think of your chakra system as a spiritual bloodstream. 

Your bloodstream connects and supports many other physical bodily systems; your chakra system connects and supports your physical self AND your energy self.

There are seven major chakras in the body and several minor ones. Each one is associated with specific organs and glands, physical functions and dysfunctions, and emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. The chakras are swirling disks of energy that spin in a column from the crown to the tailbone down the area of the spine and connect to the central nervous system. They rotate clockwise, and each chakra has a unique frequency that we perceive as one of the seven colors of the rainbow. 

When we get in touch with the energy within our chakras, we connect with ourselves more fully and learn how to heal ourselves on all levels, creating true holistic healing. 

Everything is connected! This is why ensuring all areas in your life are balanced — spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. The upper three chakras are considered the spiritual chakras. They focus on our connection to the Divine/God and our higher self — the version of ourselves that’s tapped into our purest expression of love, wisdom, and power. The lower three are considered the physical chakras. They ground us as human beings on Earth. Both the spiritual and physical chakras are connected in the center through the heart chakra.

Get To Know the 7 Money Chakras

Unlike what most people believe, there’s more than one money chakra. Instead, the energy of money is related to all seven of the primary chakras, with each representing aspects of one’s relationship with money. As you move from the root chakra to the crown, you‘ll find the representation of money becoming lighter and more ethereal. 

The root chakra is related to things like fear of one’s safety and security.

The sacral chakra is connected to one’s sense of creativity and play and how that relates to your ability to save money.

The solar plexus is related to power and is connected to your ability to properly manage your money.

The heart chakra is oriented to giving and receiving money.

The throat chakra is about trusting yourself (and others) when it comes to money.

The third eye chakra has to do with feeling like you are enough and you have enough.

And finally, the crown chakra is about your ability to feel a sense of abundance (regardless of how much money you have).

For this article, we’re going to focus on the first chakra, which has a major effect on your money, fear, self-worth, and foundational beliefs. 

1st Chakra-Root Chakra

This chakra, represented by the color red and a lotus with four petals, is located at the base of the spine. The first chakra is closest to the earth and responsible for both grounding and survival. Areas of the body that are associated with the root chakra include the feet, bones, and legs. The root chakra will connect you to mother nature and help drive you to acquire your basic survival needs. Misalignment or blockage in this chakra may result in paranoia, fear, financial hardship, or procrastination.

How does the root chakra connect with money and your business?

Through the first chakra, we experience our natural sense of self-preservation. Food, clothing, and shelter are any human being’s most primal needs, but they all require money. In our business, money is associated with feelings of security and survival, which are the direct emotions of the root chakra.

A person with a healthy first chakra proactively ensures his or her safety and well-being and has a natural trust in the abundance of life that basic needs will be provided for. When one’s first chakra is off balance, it can create feelings of mistrust and guilt that block the energy of abundance and money from flowing in. 

Are you unable to complete daily business tasks or feel disconnected from others? 

Do you often feel depressed and unable to experience life’s joys both personally and in your business? 

These are all signs of a blocked root chakra. Maybe you’re lacking confidence or energy or feel insecure, self-disrespectful, or greedy. All of these feelings can also be attributed to a blocked root chakra.

Your root chakra may need healing if your business isn’t meeting your basic needs and is leaving you feeling frustrated, drained, and unsupported, whether emotionally or financially.

Blocks in the root chakra are usually caused by guilty feelings toward abundance in your life, such as, “Money makes me greedy,” or, “If I have more money, others will have less.” 

The abundance we want so badly could be evading us due to a deep subconscious belief that we somehow don’t deserve it. Look inside and you might find a deep-down fear of rejection, judgment, and isolation. You may be self-sabotaging your business and not even be aware. Visit this blog for some clues that you might be sabotaging your business. 

The good news is that thoughts about money are just energy, and energy and your thoughts can easily be changed. Usually, these ideas are unconsciously handed down from generation to generation and take seed in early childhood. Check in and see if you have any of these thoughts consistently:

  • “I am not safe.”
  • “I’m going to run out of money and be destitute.”
  • “Perhaps my family is right; maybe I should get a real job.”
  • “I’m afraid I won’t make money if I follow my passion.”
  • “I need to work extremely hard to make a lot of money to be okay.”

Now replace these with the following:

  • “I am safe and supported.” 
  • “I have plenty of money.”
  • “I  make lots of money doing what I love.”
  • “Clients come to me easily.”
  • “There is more than enough money for everyone.”

Think back to your first job and the excitement around the work you did to make your first dollar. Was it raking leaves, babysitting, or mowing a lawn? Now picture what you did with your pay. Did you put it in some kind of piggy bank or jar? Or did you spend it on a treat for yourself? Whatever you chose, remember how you felt putting your energy into the task. Recall how you believed in yourself, your abundance of skill and competence, and how fulfilling it was to receive a reward in the form of money. 

Back then, money was just the result of the energy you brought to the job, not the only driving force. By clearing your root chakra issues, you can return to that excitement and your “why” of why you started your business. Not only making money to support yourself and your family but because you want to use your gifts to impact the world. Without a balanced root chakra, balancing the other six chakras will be difficult — since this is the base of your chakras.

How to Open & Balance the Root Chakra

Many things that feel as if they’re going wrong in your life or body can be attributed to an imbalance of one of your chakras. Performing exercises, meditation, and breathing techniques can all help align your chakras. Some other ways to release negative energy in your chakras are through essential oils, crystals, diet, being in nature, and grounding. 

Now let’s get practical and balance your root chakra below by adding these foundational financial steps to ease your mind and stop worrying about your business and your bank account.

Foundational Financial Steps for a Supported Root Chakra

First, let’s get organized! A great way to focus on all of your chakras is to get organized. Take a look at what money is flowing in and what’s flowing out. 

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And consider: 

  • Are there expenses that you no longer need in your business? 
  • How is your overhead? 
  • Are you and your partner in alignment with your personal finances? 
  • Are you feeling apprehensive about a big purchase in your business, or do you have some debt?

Now that you’re armed with some helpful strategies on how to open and heal your root chakra, here are five tactical money strategies that will help establish your root financial foundation.

  • Know how much income you need to cover your annual expenses for both your personal and your business. Use the free cash flow worksheet to do this.
  • Saving a lump sum of money for your taxes so there are no surprises. I’m a big believer in the book, Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine, but tweak it to make it work for you. 
  • Do you have enough risk management strategies in place? You might explore business liability insurance, disability, life insurance, and long-term care, to name a few.
  • Do you have a SEP, Solo 401k and/or Roth set up for your long-term investment goals?
  • Consider passive income opportunities such as rental income from real estate, creating online courses, and writing books.

We start with the root chakra to give yourself a solid foundation to build on. The other six chakras need stable footing to build upon.

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Get To Know the 7 Money Chakras and How They Might Be Affecting Your Business

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