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Let’s get to know your next Chakra, the Sacral Chakra.  If you missed the last blog on the root chakra, you can check it out here. 

I’m excited to share about this chakra as this has been and still is occasionally one of the chakras that is usually out of balance for me.  

Before I share more, let me ask you a question:

When was the last time you felt emotionally grounded, creative, sexually desirable, energetic, and bursting with passion for life?

Unfortunately, many experiences in life can lead to blocked sacral chakras. If you’ve experienced body shame, a strict or authoritarian upbringing, sexual abuse or dysfunction, toxic relationships, or religious indoctrination, which is the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs without question. or critical forms of social conditioning that have limited the flow of your life force energy, you likely have an impaired sacral chakra.

So what is the Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral is the second Chakra and is located just below the belly button. It relates to desires, pleasure, joy,  creativity, and sexuality. The second chakra is oriented to attractiveness, emotional identity, joy, sexuality, and connection to others. Its color is orange. Being out of balance in your Sacral Chakra can cause conflict between control, forced action, and allowing and being in the flow of creativity. 

Allowing what is or taking action from fear/control-which one is your go-to?

If you would have asked me this question just a few years ago, I would have answered ACTION.  I am a list maker, a self-professed control freak, and one of my favorite things to do is shop for the latest planners on Amazon.  Heck, I even found one that I can design myself called Agendio, a control person’s dream!

 Nothing is better than when my pen crosses off items on my never-ending to-do list.   And as I fall into bed, I think to myself, Boy, do I feel like a superwoman that slayed the day…or did I? My thought/belief was always if I got X done, it means I am in control of what will happen next. 

As a financial planner, it has been my job to anticipate and plan for worse-case scenarios. My ego had me convinced that I could prevent any negative outcome not only in my life but in the lives of my clients.  Even with all of my back-door attempts to control the market or any other catastrophe, no wonder I was chronically exhausted. Not only did I feel like I was walking through the mud every day, I discovered that I had chronic Epstein-Barr, which, if you have ever had mono, you know how debilitating it can be.

Thankfully I have been able to manage it through some CBT, meditation, walking in nature, and being okay with just allowing and releasing control and any meaning of the outcomes.

I guess that is why I love roller coasters so much!  Not only does it helps me get over my fear of heights (okay, not really, but I am having too much fun to notice), but it allows me just to sit back and enjoy the ride and EVEN let go of my tight grip on the bar and feel completely giddy.

The case of the “I’ll-Be-Happy-When’s

Like most Gen-Xers,  I started working at age 11/12. I would babysit, cat/dog sit, and would work at the pool every summer just to afford the latest Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.

I’ve called this my “I’ll be happy when.” I’ll be happy when I get into my skinny jeans, when I make the drill team, when I pass my algebra test, and when I get a boyfriend.  Then later on, it became when I get a degree; find my dream job; meet my soul mate; have babies, go to Europe and make lots of money”

But when I realized my happiness was pegged to something outside me, there was always another externality to take its place. I also became keenly aware that if I am not happy now in this present moment — only looking toward happiness in the future, I am silently creating my own suffering.  After reading the “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, I had a profound life-changing shift, and I am forever grateful to him for the work he is doing in the world. 

So by recognizing and understanding the issues surrounding the Sacral Chakra, you can learn new ways to shift the energy in your life so it becomes more positive overall. From thriving on drama to managing your anger to dealing with unhealthy relationships (including the one you have with money), the key is learning how to restore more balance to your life and your business.

The sacral chakra’s inner thoughts tell you things like:

“I’m struggling with feelings of worthiness.” (This is also where we compare ourselves to other peers/businesses)

“I am worried about not being responsible with my money.”

“I am worried about being dependent upon others.”

“I feel like I don’t save enough money or that I can’t get ahead.”

Let’s flip those thoughts  to:

“I am worthy, and know that I am here to share my gifts.” 

“I am learning to be good at saving money and at enjoying my life.”

“I use debt wisely and for my business’s highest good” 

“I feel balanced in my response to anything that may throw me off.”

“I thrive in all my relationships where we are mutually supportive of each other.”

“I trust myself and my intuition around my business”

So what’s really going on?

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, it can stem from one of two extremes: In the case of an under-active sacral chakra, you may be feeling a lack of confidence around your ability to save or make money in your business (or at least believing in your ability to save it consistently and confidently while doing what you most enjoy). 

In the case of an overactive sacral chakra, you may find yourself saving money at all costs, overachieving, and hustling without enjoying the freedom of all of your work. This is scarcity at it’s finest! 

Financial Steps for the Sacral Chakra

Now that you understand where you are at with your Sacral Chakra, here are some tactical money strategies that will help reset your sacral chakra.

  • Got debt? It’s okay, it’s part of being in business, take a look at what you are paying in interest and see if there are lower APRs or cash-back option credit cards. Total out your debt and pay off the lowest balance one first-this is the snowball method, and it is very effective not only for your debt but for your mindset as well!
  • You set up a tax savings account for your root Chakra, let’s take it one step further and set up a joy/ profit account where you take 2-5% of your income before you pay your expenses. This is your splurge account for anything your heart desires self-care, a trip, those fancy pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, or just an experience that will bring you joy.
  • Now, let’s set up a rainy-day savings account…this is for those unexpected moments when the universe throws us a curveball and reminds us that life is 50/50. You want to keep 3-6 months of total household income in this account, and this will go into a high-yield savings account…here are a few good ones (see link)
  • We set up and reviewed your expenses, both personal and in your business, with your root Chakra, now, to keep that scarcity mindset at bay…make sure you keep tabs on the cash flow sheet and update it at least once a quarter when you do your quarterly planning.

So I hope you got some helpful takeaways about your sacral chakra and how you can take steps to balance it to bring more money, joy, and creativity into your life and your business. Next we will take a look at the Solar Plexus, which is all about self-esteem, setting boundaries, and knowing your purpose!

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