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Are you currently struggling with a chronic illness? Have you exhausted all the traditional solutions to improve your health? Have you tried changing your money mindset? There’s a connection between wellness and WELLth! Jenn Rice and I discussed how beliefs about money affect our entire metal and physical health. I shared my personal wellness journey […]

How Shifting Your Money Mindset Can Improve Your Health


When It’s Time To Leave Your Job: What Steps Are Needed BEFORE You Take That Leap!

Financial Planning

I speak with Amanda Karlstad, entrepreneurial leader expert, about leaving my director-level job and starting my own business as a financial coach helping unsatisfied W2 employees and distressed couples. And why mindset and a solid financial foundation was key in taking the leap.

First, let’s just cut to the chase…Debt is neither of those things. Debt is a neutral circumstance. it is a number and the only thing that gives its meaning is what WE think about it.   Stay with me here because this could be life changing for you. Think about it this way….when you get […]

DEBT: Part 1 – The good, the bad and the ugly!